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25 July 2007 @ 11:22 am
Thoughts on Harry Potter  
No real spoilers just some thoughts for something that the world keeps calling a children's book:

1) I understand that 17 year olds use much worse language than "effin" but do the third graders that read Harry Potter need to add that to their vocabulary?

2) Mrs. Weasley wouldn't use that word - not even in those circumstances.

3) No children's book has not one but two character set on fire, with one actually being burned to death.

4) What kind of children's book kills off over 60 of the "good guys"? I know this is supposed to be the supreme battle between good and evil, but in that light we should at least mourn those Death Eaters that died as well. Yes, they were the "bad guys" and had no problems killing others, but I am not sure we want children to summarily dismiss death if they think the person is bad.

Ok - other than all that it was ok - oh and JK Rowling hates parents.