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Book Reports

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All Members , Moderated
Book Reports is a community for anyone who enjoys reading books.
The purpose of this community is for people to share the books they're currently reading.

A few guidelines are as follows:

1. Post the title and author of your work at the beginning of your post, so others will be able to find it easily. Please also post the title and author as tags for your post.

2. If your report contains anything plot wise or possibly spoilery, put it behind an LJ cut tag.
It doesn't matter how old or new the book is, if it's spoilery put it behind a cut. If you're not sure, put it behind a cut.

3. If the main post is spoiler free and not behind an lj-cut, then any comments to that post must remain spoiler free. If the main post is behind an lj-cut, then spoilers will be allowed in the comments section.

4. This is a community for books and that's what the posts should be about. Please do not post random off topic things here. Things that are allowed are anything to do with books - lists of books you like, asking for book suggestions, how a book has affected you, a fond memory you have that involves a book, books you don't like, books you think people may not like, pretty much anything involving books.

5. On that note, manga, comics, children's books, adult books, teen books, poetry, literature, any books are allowed. If you post about an adult erotica book I ask that you do note that at the beginning of your post and put it behind an lj-cut if you give any details. This is a public journal and anyone can read it. I don't want some little kid reading something like that, okay?

6. I (cynddylan) reserve the right to lj-cut or delete any entry or comment we deem not to be following the above guidelines.

If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to contact me cynddylan. Just put in the subject line that you're from lj or something, so I know it's not spam.

Basically post your reaction to the book and whether or not you'd recommend it to everyone, or who might enjoy reading it. My goal is for everyone to broaden their horizons and maybe find a new genre or author to try. Thanks.